Dear Tourist


We are pleased to offer you our Israeli Tourist Health Insurance plan. This plan is offered under the auspices of the Harel Insurance Company Inc.

Our goal is to provide you with immediate help and to alleviate confusion should you fall ill in a foreign country.

This policy is an inexpensive and comprehensive local policy designed for your stay in Israel, including hospitalization, medication, doctors and specialists.

Because we are aware that each of you is visiting in Israel for a specific period of time, the policy can be purchased on a daily basis for a premium of:



Age Harel Clalit
Up to age 59 $1.95 $2.40
60-65 $3.50 $3.90
66-75 $4.45 $4.45
75-80 $7.00  
81-85 $9.00
86-90 $15.00   

* Minimum insured days for each insured – 7 days
* Maximum insured days for each insured -180 days

Table of benefits

The cover Up to a sum of
Maximum sum insured 100,000$
Medical expenses while hospitalized in Israel Full coverage in a government hospital – up to 90 days or 100,000$
Medical expenses in Israel – while not hospitalized Included in the maximum sum
Doctor’s visit {within network} Copayment of $10
Laboratory tests, X-rays, E.C.G Copayment of $5
Medication Up to $200 during the insurance period
Emergency dental treatment Up to $200 during the insurance period
Transfer of corpse to country of origin Up to 5,000$


Exclusion to the policy

  • • Pre-existing or chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, Krohn’s disease, diabetes)
  • • Well-care, routine check-ups
  • • Pregnancy
  • • Injuries caused due to alcohol or drugs
  • • Self inflicted injuries
  • • Skiing, extreme sports

* Full policy tour and care policy description is available upon your request

How the plan works:

Registration - The insured is to complete a declaration of health with the attached payment form.

Upon registration, the insured will be issued a computerized membership card which will entitle him/her to medical care and facilities all over the country.
Harel will handle your medical expenses including hospital costs, physicians, and surgeon's fees, out-patient treatment and tests in the efficient and competent manner for which they are famous for.
The English speaking customer service available 24 hours a day will assist you with any medical situation that might come up.

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Signing up may be done by filling out an application form at our office located in the heart of Jerusalem, or simply by filling the application form online.

Download the application form

For further information and assistance feel free to contact us at:

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Send letters to:

Sasson Chacoty Insurance Agency
25 King George St., Jerusalem, Israel

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With best wishes for a happy and healthy stay in Israel!